Technical Training

General principles of Training

●Free training for system operators from clients

●Our technicians responsible for training are all professionals with much hands-on experience in similar projects

●The training place is scheduled to be at the client's and negotiable, our company provides all the documents needed for training.

Training content

●Training for hardware: the maintenance and overhaul of hardware equipment and peripheral devices

●Training for software: utilizing of operating system and application software

Training Place

The training place and time as well as the number of training staff are based on the negotiation of two sides.

Training Goal

Our goal is that above 95% technicians from clients can master the operation and maintenance of both hardware and software after technical training, such as transforming the 3D max scenes into the Virtual Studio scenes, modifications of 3D virtual scenes and so forth. We spare no effort to make sure that technicians from clients will be very skilled in terms of daily maintenance, operation and repair as well as troubleshooting of basic hardware equipment and software.

Training Fee

Training for operators from clients is free of charge.