Envision, DLP’s flagship virtual studio solution provides a powerful dimension to virtual studio productions. With tight integration between its dedicated hardware, software and tracking technologies, Envision provides a realistic environment that comes to life with rich textures, depth, and perspectives.

Envision has versatile features that will fulfill the most complicated productions and delicate operations. To name a few, please see list as follows.


State-of-the-art external Chromakey

Smartmatte is the best keying result among all keyers in fixed camera mode.  For moving cameras, unlike the others, Smartmatte can be one-to-many correspondence between chromakey and cameras. For each individual camera, Smartmatte can match and save multiple keying parameters of camera XYZ and PTZ and interpolate them in-between. One Smartmatte can support up to 5 cameras.

Event-triggered multi-timeline scenario

Any event can be triggered from simple or complex logic operations of time, value, position, size, status, color or other attributes on multiple timelines. Events can be comprised of graphics object, video clips playback, special effects or any combination of them.

Adaptive indexing

Object parameters can be exported as adaptive indexing to be continuously updated in real time from external data or manipulated manually. Users don't have to switch back and forth between Designer and PlayControl. It enables intuitive and straightforward modification of data during live broadcast.


Interface with 3D modeling software such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, and Softimage. Using either the VRML, FBX, and Collada formats. 3D models, textures, materials and animations can be imported, enabling virtual sets that were previously either impossible or too complex to build.

Ultra-flexible and precise tracking system

Highly-precisive tracking under fast movement. Tracking parameters adjustment within 10 seconds when camera relocates, no extra time-consuming calibration process required. DLP's tracking system supports commercially available mechanical camera, IR camera and robotic camera. It also can integrate with all types of tracking methods available on the market today.

Layer-based design and rendering

Layer-based architecture is central to Envision design. Individual layer can contain its own scene, lights, camera, graphics objects and rendering modes such as priority. Layers are additive to create rendering primitives and can be edited collaboratively or separately. In complex production, layer-based rendering reduces computing power consuming significantly.

Maximum rendering capacity

Easy-to-use world-class rendering engine. Complete optimized algorithm that fully utilizes NVIDIA graphics engine's power that supports maximum polygon numbers, fancier special effects, better texture processing, more live video feeds and more realistic lighting model and material effect.

Free virtual background database

Envision offers free, however futuristic and complex, virtual background sets. DLP also provides professional virtual background customization service for its customers under warranty. Being big or small studio, customer has the least concern on manpower resources, which is critical in production nowadays.


Real-time external data integration and presentation

Connection to data sources, including social networks. Supported sources: MSSQL, ODBC, Excel, text file, XML, RSS feed. Graphics objects can be connected to different data sources to fill graphic elements with data. Virtually any graphic parameter can be filled with data (text, images, videos, colors, size/position/ rotation, visibility, etc). A wizard guides users through queries. The Social Media plug-in is DLP’s gateway to social media. It allows retrieving, filtering, auditing and moderating data from social media.

Free flycase for transportation protection

Solid, Pelican style flycase is complementary in shipping. It helps not only in delivery but also user's outdoor production requirement.

Low-level Controls and Macros

Envision allows low level control of templates for advanced users, without adding extra complexity for common tasks. The macro and scripting mechanisms enable the creation of custom made sequences of commands to automate recurring tasks. The scripting interface is simple and intuitive. The usage of scripting can be combined with the usual user-friendly page creation interface.

Optimized video delay

By optimizing workflow and rendering algorithm, Envision provides 3 frames output video delay, which is the fastest in virtual studio industry in the world. This optimized video delay can prevent lip-sync issue effectively.

Virtual studio and on-air graphics are both operated from the same application

Envision combines virtual studio and on-air graphics into single application. Unlike the others, this two-in-one feature not only saves customer’s pocket, but also simplifies learning curve of designers and operators. Fast time-to-market will prove investment in Envision absolutely worthy.

Extensive shading effects package

Bump mapping, defocus (depth-of-field), displacement mapping, cubic mapping and real-time video shading effects, reflections on objects, compose highest photorealism.

Turnkey solution

A complete 3D turnkey on-air graphics system that is flexible and easy to operate, while very powerful. It is scalable, providing a basic configuration with easy upgrade path by adding more plug-ins. Comprehensive logics in design and playout can address complex productions flawlessly.

Graphics Engine

Nucleus-E Hardware Specification



Mother board

EEB, 30.5 x 33.0cm

SDI Compliance



Intel  Xeon

Camera Inputs

3(standard), up to 5(optional)


ECC, 4/8GB

Live Video Insertations

1(standard), up to 2(optional)

Graphics Card

Nvidia GTX

Video Outputs

HD/SD-SDI x 2 (Fill + Key)

Internal Storage

Seagate 1TB or above

Reference In

SDI digital, BB/Tri-Level sync




75 Ohm

Video Capture Card

Decklink SDI

Audio Inputs

SDI embedded audio

Video Processing Card

Matrox LE3

Audio Outputs

SDI embedded audio


1000 BaseT x 1

Audio Mixer

Built-in mix and match amongall embedded audio channels from SDI, clips, streaming video

I/O Ports

USB x 2(front), USB x 4(rear), DB-9 x 2

Clip Formats


Operating System

Window7 64bit Ultimate

Streaming Video Input Formats

RTMP, RTSP, UDP (optional)

Power Supply

100-240V/800W/Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Streaming Video Output Formats

RTSP, UDP (optional)


6RU, 485mm x 700mm x 280mm