LED display

Launched by DLP-Digital, the HDB301Px+M and HDDZ301Px+M series full color OM-LED displays are especially designed and manufactured for the application of TV stations. Adopting a self-developed patented optical processing technology, which is able to eliminate moiré pattern, filter stray light, result in the finest picture quality, and fulfill all the request of studio production including zoom, close shot, color temperature, white balance, etc.

Leveraging on its deep understanding of utilizing led displays in TV studios as well as years experience of serving the radio and television industry, OM-LED displays successfully solve the problem of moiré pattern interference by adopting the optical surface mount technology.

Apart from that, the optical surface mount technology enormously broadens the visual angle of the OM-LED displays, achieving a 170 degree angle both on vertical and horizontal level, thereby enabling a clear image no matter viewed in what direction.

The latest point by point correction technique is fully mastered by DLP-Digital, applying it to the products and services of the OM-LED displays, a high degree of consistency and uniformity of the brightness and color can be achieved even when different batches of LED are used in combination.

High grayscale control system ensures the finest picture quality and distinctive video processing technology ensures the lifelike color reproduction of the OM-LED displays.

The picture refresh rate is above 3000-frame per second and the frame changing rate can reach 120-frame per second, which ensure the high quality dynamic effect.

Powerful production and play system enables the OM-LED displays enter into a no need of computers and user-friendly era.

Modular design simplifies the installation, adjustment and maintain of the OM-LED displays, as well as endows certain aesthetic element to the appearance of them.



●Perfect for everyday use, especially in 24/7 operations

●Finest picture quality

●Natural and lifelike color and thin design

●Light weight and easy installation

●Easy to maintain

●High resolution

●Operational flexibility and better serviceability

●100,000 hour life expectancy