DLP’s Freelance Virtual-Studio in one box solution is delightful in user experience, lucid in GUI design and proficient in workflow. Highly integrated functions with modest cost, Freelance will be Virtual Studio choice of yours.

DLP-Digital provides virtual studio package including interactive design environment, rendering engine, camera tracking system, and Chroma-key processor to broadcasters. DLP-Digital has more than 200 customers worldwide and counting…

Highlights of DLP’s Freelance virtual studio in one box


Freelance is based on DLP’s Nucleus server platform. The Nucleus offers up to two real-time video inputs. Those inputs can be from studio cameras and other video sources feeding into the system. At the frontend, various video matrixes can be available in order to add more the number of sources routing into the system. Nucleus supports one output channel for program output. Freelance is also built in with an embedded video clip engine that allows to playback multiple HD/SD video clips in a wide range of codecs and wrappers.


Freelance uses same Designer authoring software as its high-end companion - Envision - for creation all graphics. In addition, assets including all 2D and 3D elements can be imported to Designer in all types of formats (JPG, TGA, PNG, Photoshop image including layers) from common software packages (3DSMax, Maya, Cinema4D, etc.) The graphics designers can define the look and feel of the graphics with Designer easily and store as many as up to 8 virtual camera presets of coordinates of X, Y, Z positions and PAN and TILT rotation values which can be retrieved and played back.


Freelance is intrinsically trackless. Virtual cameras can be set via absolute mode or relative mode. However, it also supports all tracking systems and enables seamless integration with mechanical sensors. It captures the tracking data and coordinates the camera’s status together with the background graphics. Based on its tracking capabilities, the system offers minimal setup time and calibration time, 10 seconds, as well as a minimal three video frames delay. During production, tracking data is synchronized with all cameras enabling this option to select the tracked camera to be switched on. Once tracked, the data is sent directly to the Nucleus rendering engine, creating a perfect match between the real and the virtual worlds.


Freelance’s embedded Harmonize Chroma-key offers an easy-to-use user interface with comprehensive tools to adeptly modify Chroma key parameters. The feature-rich Harmonize GUI is composed of drop- down/pop-up menus, color selectors, sliders, and other precise controls designed for simultaneous image manipulation. Based on Harmonize, Freelance allows automatic camera preset recall based on internal triggering or external command while during live production.


Freelance offers multi-camera production from its versatile GUI. Able to connect cameras, different live feeds, external and internal video sources, it enables users to easily control the entire live production. During production, user can maneuver all aspects of the workflow including executing background and foreground graphics, control over camera cuts (without any external video equipment), monitoring camera tracking, adjusting the Chroma-keying parameters while on air, triggering video content, and more.


Freelance allows mapping video clips on any polygon within the virtual scene, supports special effect transition between two videos including fade, over black, invert, push and all the common using ones. Apart from that, any virtual element can be easily edited with animation and parameter, such as position, posture, rotation, scale, movement, spin, visibility etc. It also generates transition or animation interpolation to create a smooth and fluid movement between the current position in the virtual camera and the final position defined in the corresponding preset. Built-in non-linear interpolation modes support Bezier, Linear, Hermite or Spline. Equipped with infinite blue box function, even a smallest Chroma-key area can be turned into a huge complete 3D environment by Freelance.


Video clips support

Built-in clip player for easy clips storage and playback. Streaming video output for easy sharing.

Built-in audio mixer support

Built-in audio mixer supports inputs of discrete stereo audio, SDI/HDMI embedded audio and audio tracks from video clips. Selected audio channel can be embedded into SDI output and has separate stereo audio output for local monitoring.

Multiple video rehearsing

PGM OUT for standard concurrent video output, Freelance also has many local monitoring of camera inputs, live video inputs, streaming video inputs, and local video clips.

Key-frame based 3D graphics and attribute editing

Including position, rotation, scale, transparency, visibility, matte and graphics video generation. Any polygon can be displayed with video clips in any scene. Frames interpolation can be either linear or non-linear.

Comprehensive Chroma-key GUI

Automatic camera presets and camera recalls based on camera cuts. Intuitive and comprehensive Chroma-key user interface.


Supports all tracking systems including mechanical sensors, infrared camera tracking and robotic camera tracking.

Fancy special effects

Graphics special effects support Cut, Fade, Over Black, Additive, Saturate/De-Saturate, Invert, Push (Right to Left, Left to Right, Top to Bottom, Bottom to Top) and Distort (Diverge, Pixelate, Sine Wave, Shrink).

"Depth of Field" support

Depth of Field is an algorithm to make rendering more photo-realistic.

Lower-Third On-the-fly computer graphics

Supports easy-to-use on-the-flyLower-Third.

Easy control from Web and Hand-held

Video output configuration supports web-based and hand-held based control mechanism.


Graphics Engine

Nucleus-F Hardware Specification



Mother board

EEB, 30.5 x 33.0cm

SDI Compliance



Intel  Xeon

Camera Inputs

2(standard), up to 4(optional)



Live Video Insertations

1(standard), up to 2(optional)

Graphics Card

Nvidia GTX

Video Outputs

HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, component/composite

Internal Storage

Seagate 1TB

Reference In

BB/Tri-Level sync




75 Ohm

Video Card

Decklink SDI 4K

Audio Inputs

SDI embedded audio, discrete stereo audio input through phone jack

Graphics Card

Matrox Mojito x 1, optional second

Audio Outputs

SDI embedded audio, stereo audio output through phone jack


1000 BaseT x 2

Audio Mixer

Built-in mix and match amongall embedded audio channels from SDI, clips, streaming video and discrete stereo audio input.

I/O Ports

USB x 2(front), USB x 4(rear), DB-9 x 2

Clip Formats


Operating System

Window7 64bit Ultimate

Streaming Video Input Formats


Power Supply

100-240V/800W/Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Streaming Video Output Formats



6RU, 485mm x 700mm x 280mm

Recording Format