on air graphics

Leveraging on the high-performance 3D graphics rendering engine DLP-RE and the powerful video-processing engine DLP-PE, I-Master (Image Master) Series is able to optimize the hardware processing platform, the software architecture, and the system operation platform, results in the maximum level of graphic quality and rendering speed. Capable of managing both the real-time on air play-out and the maintenance of high quality 3D graphics and effects, Smart Series enables the operator to implement real-time render function which solves the problems such as inconvenient post-production rendering and impossible real-time template modifications, substantially improving the branding ability and the efficiency of TV productions as well as offering a novel solution for the innovation and development of TV programs.

Independent control of multiple graphics and DVE effect

I-Master series enables the triggering of multiple graphics including tickers, animated logo or ad on one screen simultaneously. Each graphic item is created separately and treated as an independent layer. For instance, it is possible to manage a logo layer separately from an underlying ticker layer, which could be on top of a lower third or full screen graphic. This allows a flexible and quick access to modify, preview and play each to-be-on-air item and no aliasing, glowing or vibration effect will be introduced while played on air.

With powerful DVE effect, I-Master holds a leading position internationally in terms of the real time video processing technology, which is able to animate multiple real-time videos with negligible less than one frame delay.

Modular Gallery and easy-to-use authoring functionality

Template-based management of the textures, colors, modes of motion, font, light, shadow, various special effects, and all sorts of real-time data enables the users to adopt a Macro Replacement Function when handling duplicated operations, making the play-out of live shows more flexible and convenient. Meanwhile, the system supports interchangeable functionality between HD and SD templates, which makes the compatibility between them no longer a problem, enhancing the efficiency of management and resource sharing.

Seamless Integration to external database, real-time generation of visualized 3D graphics
Some live shows set high standards for external real-time data which should be fast, dynamic and accurate. I-Master rises to the challenge by offering a number of external dynamic data interfaces which share a synchronic operation with the external data servers, allowing seamless integration to the latest data such as stock market, text message, and weather information in real-time, thus significantly improving the timeliness and efficiency of TV productions.

3D real-time video graphic rendering platform
Grounded on the advanced graphic rendering engine technology, I-Magic, a real-time video graphic rendering platform which combines the real-time 3D graphic-rendering technology, the real-time video-processing technology, and the real-time data-processing technology, offering magnificent visual effect and captivating graphics. Equipped with a wide range of graphic management plus highly enhanced timeliness, I-Magic is able to cover a full package of applications of 3D on-air graphics and channel branding on live shows such as news, sports, finance, weather forecasts, and entertainment.

3D graphics real-time creation system
With efficient 3D graphics rendering ability, intuitive and user-friendly interface, resourceful gallery, diversified special effects, plus the 2D/3D template import function through a third party modeling software as well as other powerful functions, I-Builder releases designers from repetitive standard tasks and gives them complete freedom to concentrate on the creative side of their work, taking care of all the design needs.

Real 3D creation tool
The stunning 3D graphics created by I-Builder, the genuine 3D modeling software, can be rendered while on air, separating I-Builder from other simulated 3D modeling software.

Various Motion Effect
Thanks to I-Builder's powerful function of motion editing, any parameter like the position, material, texture of the imported graphics can be designed and edited based on the timeline.

What-you-see-is-what-you-get editing manner
The would-be template can be previewed via the rendering engine and only when what displays on the preview window is in line with what shows on the monitor screen, can the template go on air.

Rich gallery with numerous templates
Rich gallery with numerous templates empowers the designers more creative. Textures, colors, modes of motion, font, light and shadow along with other effects of the graphic elements can be saved as templates , enabling create once ,use many.

I-Play play system I-Play
Based on the DLP-RE graphics rendering engine platform, I-Play, a simple-to-operate yet versatile play-out software, perfectly combines the templates, files, data, texts and graphics, and integrates with existing news net, rapidly generating playlists and visualizing the external data and graphics. This significantly reduces the labor in the studio.

Key features

●Seamlessly integrates with other DLP products

●2D/3D scenes along with their fonts, graphics, animations and other properties can be replaced ,modified or played while on air

●Supports various play-out ways such as automatic, manual, timed and sequential ,hotkey-triggering play

●Supports customized short-cuts to smooth user's operation

●Artistic yet practical interface , easy to operate

●A scalable system in which the control of integrated equipments is based on plug-ins