TOP3D-SET Virtual Studio System

“Since the existing graphics workflow lets us search and utilize our extensive media asset library, being able to quickly deliver content would be vital to creating a valuable user experience, especially in a breaking news situation. And TOP3D-SET helps with that a lot”

——   Pedro Costa, CEO

“The virtual component allows you to build the supporting structure and have a lot of virtual involved so that the supporting structure whether it’s an angle or a simple background to support a section of the set. Those things can be changed out a lot cheaper than tearing out a full set”

——   Gwynn Angkulwaranyu, Marketing Director

DLP-Digital provides virtual studio package including interactive design environment, rendering engine, camera tracking system, and Chroma-key processor to broadcasters. DLP-Digital has more than 200 customers worldwide and counting…

A virtual studio is a television studio that allows the real-time combination of people or other real objects and computer generated environments and objects in a seamless manner. A key point of a virtual studio is that the real camera can move in 3D space, while the image of the virtual camera is being rendered in real-time from the same perspective, therefore, this virtual scene has to adapt at any time to the camera settings (zoom, pan, angle, traveling, etc.). This is what differentiates a virtual studio from the traditional technique of Chroma-key. It also differs from techniques used in film, in which scenes are edited later. A virtual studio does not need any post-production because it is in real-time. However a 3D graphic artist and 3D computer graphics software are needed to create the virtual background, and any graphics that appear in front. There are many technical solutions for creating virtual studios including:

  • Camera tracking that uses either optical or mechanical measurements to create a live stream of data describing the exact perspective of the camera.
  • Real-time rendering software that uses the camera tracking data and generates a synthetic image of a television studio.
  • A video mixer, which combines the video from the camera with the video from the real-time rendering software to produce a final video output. One of the most common ways to mix the video to replace a Chroma-key background.

  • DLP-Digital provides virtual studio package including interactive design environment, rendering engine, camera tracking system, Chroma-key processor to the media and entertainment industry. DLP also provides installation, training and 24/7 supports.

    TOP3D-SET Block Diagram


    Equipped with high-end technologies and latest development of CPU and GPU and boards manufactured by Matrox and Deklink, TOP3D-SET is featured with the fastest, the most stable and powerfule state-of-the-art rendering engine which is able to achieve 16x anti-aliasing rendering capabilities and unrivalled graphics quality, catering for the real time graphics rendering needs of any Virtual Studio production requirement and budget. The editing workstation is a standalone workstation that full-access control of rendering engine. The editing workstation also can communicate with all tracking systems through Ethernet interface and communicate with chroma-key processor through Serial interface. It can control video switcher and switch video inputs through software user interface.


    TOP3D-SET offers a varity of camera tracking solutions which address the specific needs of any Virtual Studio production and budget. The tracking system includes the head, tripod and transponder to support Canon or Fuji len-set studio camera. Obtaining the pan, tilt and zoom parameters of the camera it attaches to and send those data back to virtual studio software through ethernet interface, the pedestal-based camera tracking can has fast data update rate at 4 MHz and is no need of re-calibration within 2-meter range of camera position. If calibration process is needed, it will be completed within 10 mins.


    TOP3D-SET provides up to nine virtual cameras. Transition path between cameras shall be easily defined in linear mode or in spline mode through graphics user interface.


    TOP3D-SET has standalone audio delay processor unit that has three modes to set the audio delay : by time in tens of milisecond, by frame or by combination of time and frame in order to match video timing. It also has volume adjustment, front-panel LED and push buttons for manual adjustment. The audio delay processor can set Frame Rate per Second, FPS, to match frame rate of video signal.


    Envision offers extensive depth-of-field shading effects. With its depth of field shading effects, the virtual background focuses and defocuses depending on the rate of zoom, exactly as it were a real background. With different styles of material, photorealism can be achieved by directly importing from external modeling applications. The shading effects which are available in multiple material categories, including; brick, ceramic, glass, metallic, stone and wood, can easily be applied to any studio decoration.



    Beyond pure virtual or real studio, TOP3D-SET enables virtual studio to seamlessly blend production studio facilities with virtual objects which is so-called “Augmented Reality”. It can add static or moving 3D objects, special effects and virtual sets with precise positioning related to production studio facilities. It saves time and budget for news, weather, sports, talk shows and for advertising support up to four cameras with tracking systems in augmented reality production. DLP’s latest graphics rendering platforms, Neucleus-T, TOP3D-SET is equipped with unprecedented rendering power that propels virtual sets to run in real-time. Neucleus-T runs on a Windows operating system and can easily adopt advanced graphics engine ever devised.



    TOP3D-SET allows mapping video clips on any polygon within the virtual scene. It supports up to six video clips playouts including up to two live video streams. Special effects shall include switching video play out panel to full-screen video and back, flying in and out of video play out panels. Apart from that, any virtual element can be easily edited with animation and parameter, such as position, posture, rotation, scale, movement, spin, visibility etc. Equipped with infinite bluebox function, even a smallest Chroma-key area can be turned into a huge complete 3D environment by TOP3D-SET.

    Top3D-Set has versatile features that will fulfill the most complicated productions and delicate operations. To name a few, please see list as follows.

    State-of-the-art Chromakey

    TOP3D-SET supports any kind of chroma key in the market, especially functions well when working the SmartMatte Series chroma key designed for the exclusive and professional use of Virtual Studio. Capable of producing realistic composite images with fine details, one Smart Matte key alone can support up to 4 cameras and match each camera with its own independent keying parameters as well as chroma-keyer and video switcher, improving overall effect and efficiency. Smart Matte provides video interfaces of studio camera input, studio camera loop-out, virtual background output and production output of composition of studio camera and virtual background. TOP3D-SET also supports WYSIWYG animation design and real time adjustment of chroma-keying parameters.

    Automatics Depth of Field

    TOP-3D SET can automatically detect the position of the presenter in the backing box without any device attached onto the presenter, where the backdrop behind the anchor can be blurred to achieve the realistic look like in the optical camera lens.

    Abundant Virtual Light and Special Effects

    The level of transparency of all 3D objects, virtual special effects and videos is adjustable. TOP3D-SET supports up to eight virtual lights including parameters of color, position, orientation, luminance. It can set light animation path as in presets to illustrate amazing lighting effects of the scene. Magnificant special effects such as rain, snow, cloud, reflection, shadow, environment mapping can be achieved easily. With in-built automation, it can dissolve transition between two video or image files.

    Real Time Dynamic Virtual Screen

    TOP3D-SET possesses the compelling play effect of virtual screen in any position and supports above 40 screen videos in any shape or any transparency including live video. The screen play can be edited based on the timeline or triggered manually based on the module combination.

    User-friendly Interface with Powerful Function

    TOP3D SET has single user interface for different operational modes.adopts the drag and drop operation. The operator controls graphics, content and animation enabling complete user interface flexibility. The play-out interface is based on timeline and key frames, an intuitive way of adjustment of time-space interactions, and can be triggered by keyboard or tactile switcher. The built-in playlist generator for playing video clips in sequence with the Mark in and Mark out facility for video clips to do simple last minute editing.

    Intuitive Gallery with Rich Content

    The gallery of TOP3D-SET has built-in gallery for organizing video clips & graphic image files to be used in the virtual set system. It also supports direct import of 3D objects and scenes from appropriate baking process of 3D modeling software such as 3D Max, Maya and Softimage.

    Robust and Configurable Tactile Switcher

    TOP3D-SET comes with robust tactile switcher that has configurable push buttons and switches which can exactly replicates the functions of virtual studio systems. This tactile switcher is ideal for on-air broadcast production.

    Distinctive Infinite Bluebox

    The size of Infinite Bluebox can be altered at will by drag-and-drop to shield the unwanted FG scenes and avoid goof, supporting 360-degree camera pan motion.

    Combined Animations and Live Control Module

    The play of all animations and the editing of properties can be controlled automatically based on the time-line or by the Live-Control Module or by the combination of two ways.

    Smart Interact with On-screen Graphics

    The Interact enables the anchor to manipilate and direct the content on the touch screen video wall or other input devices, generating gorgeous interactive effect and helping them engage more with their viewers. Virtual studio software also has the facility to replace pre-defined media images and videos used in the virtual sets from the software applications by simple drag and drop operation to do last minute changes in the virtual sets.

    Versatile Products System and Flexible Module Configuration

    TOP3D-SET virtual studio system supports single/multi cameras, single/multi channels, multi-to-single/single-to-single architectures, fixed/free camera position tracking solutions, supports all formats of video signals such as HD-SDI, SD-SDI, HDMI, YUV Y/C, Composite in PAL or NTSC standard, and their combinations; outfits the full range of Vitual Studio application modules such as automatic depth of field module and ensures each module with its own independent capabilities of application and upgrade. The hardware equipments and systems of TOP3D-SET adopt a block building construction which facilitates the replacement and update of each device and system, as well as maintain the value and extends the utilizing duration of the Virtual Studio system.

    Blending of Multiple Dynamic Scenes

    The dynamic blending scenes workflow allows the triggering of multiple scenes at the same time. Each scene is treated as independent layer and is combined on-the-fly to form a single output channel.

    Rendering Engine

    Nucleus-T Hardware Specification



    Mother board

    EEB, 30.5 x 33.0cm

    SDI Compliance

    3G-SDI : SMPTE 424M, HD-SDI : SMPTE 292M, SD-SDI : SMPTE 259M


    Intel  Xeon

    Camera Inputs

    3(standard), up to 5(maximum)


    ECC, 4/8GB

    Live stream video Inputs

    1(standard), up to 2(mxainum)

    Graphics Card


    Video outputs

    HD/SD-SDI x 2 (Fill + Key)

    Internal Storage

    Seagate 1TB or above

    Reference In/Out

    SDI digital, BB/Tri-Level sync and passive loopout



    Color Depth

    10 bit, 4:2:2

    Video Capture Card

    Professional SDI capture card

    Audio Inputs

    SDI embedded audio

    Video Processing Card

    Matrox LE3

    Audio Outputs

    SDI embedded audio


    1000 BaseT x 2

    Audio Mixer

    Built-in mix and match among all embedded audio channels from SDI, clips, streaming video

    I/O Ports

    USB x 2(front), USB x 4(rear), RS-232 x 2, GPI for Tally

    Clip formats

    AVI, DV, DVC25, MPEG 2/4

    Operating System

    Window7 64bit Ultimate

    Streaming video input formats

    RTMP, RTSP, UDP (optional)

    Power Supply

    100-240V/800W/Frequency: 50-60 Hz x 2

    Streaming video output formats

    RTSP, UDP (optional)


    6RU, 485mm x 700mm x 280mm







    Download DLP-Top3D Set.pdf for more information